Our Generation Grill to Go Food Truck Pink

  • KWD75.00

·        Fun is on the menu with the Our Generation Deluxe Food Truck accessory set for 18-inch dolls! Serve up delicious snacks on the go – with a side of smiles!

·        Because there has never been a generation of girls quite like us. We’re sisters, cousins, and best friends who are collecting clothes for kids who need them, helping our families conserve water, and somehow still finding time to fly paper airplanes and laugh until we can’t remember what we’re laughing about. This is our time. This is our story.


·        Fun Food Truck Accessories for 18-inch Dolls on the Go!


·        Beep! Beep! Fresh snacks coming your way!


·        Use the real chalkboard to announce your daily specials, and take customer’s orders on the order pad. Don’t forget to give change! Hear the grill, burners, oven timer, and fan hood make lifelike sounds while you cook a huge selection of food! The folding table attachment and working string lights create a cozy dining counter out back. Do you feel a raindrop? Use the working windshield wipers to clear it away. Better weather at the boardwalk? Just pack up your truck and drive anywhere you like, using the working turn signals and brake lights to drive safely. With so many fun and detailed features, the Pink Grill to Go Food Truck will be the new favorite hang-out spot in the OG neighborhood!


·        1 food truck

·        2 hamburgers

·        4 hamburger buns

·        2 vegan burgers

·        1 veggie kebab

·        2 pita breads

·        2 beef tacos

·        2 pickle toppings

·        2 tomato slices

·        2 lettuce leaves

·        1 shrimp kebab

·        1 Tzatziki sauce cup

·        1 Salsa sauce cup

·        2 rectangle food tray box

·        2 square food tray box

·        1 spinach salad w/ dressing cup

·        1 cup of lemonade

·        1 cup of orange juice

·        1 cup w/ lid, straw, and avocado smoothie insert

·        1 cup w/ lid, straw, and mango smoothie insert

·        1 salt shaker

·        1 pepper shaker

·        1 bottle of oil

·        1 mustard bottle

·        1 ketchup bottle

·        1 mayo bottle

·        1 frying pan

·        1 lid

·        1 spatula

·        1 pair of tongs

·        1 cutting board

·        1 knife

·        4 forks

·        1 napkin holder

·        1 order pad

·        1 pen

·        1 chalk

·        1 string of lights

·        1 fold out table

·        Dolls and outfits sold separately

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