Our Generation OG Express Train Cabin

  • KWD85.00

·        Grab your 18-inch dolls and hop aboard the OG Express! We are an extraordinary generation, us girls. We spend our waking hours raising funds to protect rain forests, teaching little sisters how to build tents out of blankets and tiptoeing down the stairs past bedtime for one last sip of water. This is our time. This is our story.


·        House and Home Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!


·        Bunk beds for your doll or two!


·        This train cabin has lots of functioning features, like realistic sounds, lights, and an attendant bell! Enjoy a delicious supper in the dining car with a choice of spaghetti, steak and potatoes, tomato soup, and more! The lamp on the table even lights up! Turn the cabin around to play in the sleeping cabin; it fits two dolls after flipping down the bunk bed! Ring for the attendant to bring your dolls blankets and pillows and then slide the door closed for a good night’s rest! This accessory also comes with a real piece of chalk, so you can check off all the places that your dolls will visit on the outside board


·        1 train cabin

·        1 bowl of salad

·        1 steak and potato plate

·        2 slices of bread

·        2 bread buns

·        1 bowl of tomato soup

·        2 Shirley temple

·        1 plate of spaghetti

·        1 snack cart

·        2 forks

·        2 knives

·        2 spoons

·        2 napkins

·        1 salt shaker

·        1 pepper shaker

·        2 small plates

·        2 serving trays with lids

·        1 plastic bread basket

·        1 blanket

·        2 pillows with pillow cases

·        1 vanity towel

·        1 top bunk bed seat cushion

·        1 door sign

·        1 train ticket

·        1 piece of chalk

·        Dolls and outfits sold separately

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