Our Generation Awesome Academy Set

  • KWD115.00

·        The Our Generation Awesome AcademyTM is ready to show you why “school” rhymes with “cool”! We’re hitting the books and sharpening our pencils in this fully-stocked schoolroom playset for 18-inch dolls, and to be honest, we’re having quite a few giggles along the way. What will we learn today? Whatever it is, it’ll definitely be awesome!

·        Because there has never been a generation of girls quite like us. We’re scientists, songbirds, and dreamers. We spend our waking hours inventing new flavors of popcorn (more parmesan cheese, please!), signing petitions to protect polar bears, and having dance parties with our slumber party friends long after lights out. This is our time. This is our story.


·        Fun School Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!


·        Playing school has never been so much fun, and Awesome Academy has everything you need to build your very own world of learning!


·        “Brr-ing, brr-ring!” Ring the bell to let the students know when it’s time for class – the bell really works! Walk around the classic red-brick walls to find the classroom. Take a seat at one of the two student desks. Open up the lid to get notebooks and writing tools. Use the attendance sheet to check off who is present or absent. For students that try extra hard, the teacher can give out a certificate of achievement, or write their names on the good behavior sheet. Use the real chalk to write lessons on the chalkboard, and a real erasable marker to write on the whiteboard. Turn on the classroom lights to get a better look.


·        Wow, look at the time! The working clock will let you know when it’s lunchtime. What did you pack for lunch today? We love crunchy veggies and our favorite sandwich that’s cut out in a butterfly shape! Safety first! When it’s time for a fire drill, just hit the fire alarm button in the hall. Don’t forget – no running in the halls! OG kids love to study so many different subjects, it’s hard to choose just one favorite! Do you have a favorite class? (Or maybe two? Or three?) Awesome Academy comes with all kinds of school supplies, like miniature markers, stickers, pens, scissors, sticky notes, and more! Use the hallway lockers to store all of your things when school is done. With play areas inside and outside the classroom, the size of this school will be any size you can imagine!


·        Includes


·        1 schoolroom (4 pieces, requires assembly)

·        1 teacher's desk with manual pencil sharpener

·        1 teacher's chair

·        2 student desks

·        2 pieces of real chalk

·        1 real highlighter

·        3 pins

·        1 pencil holder

·        1 tape dispenser with 1 roll of clear tape

·        1 stapler

·        2 pens

·        1 highlighter

·        1 clipboard

·        1 pair of scissors

·        1 protractor

·        1 isosceles triangle ruler

·        1 rectangular triangle ruler

·        1 compass

·        1 calculator

·        2 rulers

·        2 erasers

·        2 pencils

·        1 heart shaped eraser

·        2 pencil sharpeners

·        1 box of 6 crayons

·        4 markers

·        1 black marker

·        2 plastic pencil cases

·        4 index cards in a clear bag

·        2 folders

·        2 text books

·        1 note pads

·        2 notebooks

·        1 certificate of achievement

·        1 attendance sheet

·        1 good behaviour sheet

·        1 set of looseleaf paper in a clear bag

·        2 star sticker sheets in a clear bag

·        2 apple sticker sheets in clear bag

·        1 plant

·        1 pair of glasses

·        1 teacher's mug

·        2 posters

·        3 storage bins

·        1 recycling bin

·        Dolls, accessories and outfits sold separately.

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