Our Generation Clydesdale 20 inch Horse

  • KWD29.00

·        Dashing through the snow with your favorite 18-inch dolls is more fun when you have a beautiful horse to help you, like the 20-inch Our Generation White Clydesdale Horse!

·        Because our generation of girls is filled with warmth, even when the chill in the air is biting our noses. We’re learning what’s truly important in this world. We’re raking leaves to earn spending money, shoveling out a neighbor in need, and even volunteering at school to turn the cafeteria into a winter wonderland worth celebrating. This is our time. This is our story.


·        Holiday Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!


·        A beautiful horse friend to share your sparkling holiday moments!


·        This shimmering white 20-inch toy horse is the perfect equestrian friend for your dolls. Let your dolls ride on its back, or use the horse to pull a winter sleigh! The Clydesdale horse has beautiful nylon hair that is fun to brush and style. It comes with four fluffy, faux-fur horse booties, a red ribbon to decorate with, a brocade-fabric saddle blanket, and lots of adorable holiday accessories to share with your dolls!


·        Includes

·        1 horse with 4 hoof cuffs

·        1 fabric blanket

·        1 bridle and reins

·        1 hair bow with clip

·        2 candy canes

·        1 bag of horse treats

·        1 holiday stocking

·        Doll and outfit sold separately

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