Our Generation Surfer Boy Doll, Gabe

  • KWD18.00

·        Every wave is a challenge and a new adventure!

·        Surf’s up! Catch some waves and maybe even learn how to hang ten with Our Generation Regular Doll – Gabe, a surfer boy 18-inch doll with bright green eyes and casually-long, wavy golden-blonde hair that is super fun to brush.

·        Because there has never been a group like us. We’re teaching our families to recycle, planting gardens, and helping out at the local animal shelter. And when we’re not saving the world, we’re busy running down grassy hills as fast as gravity will take us, arms outstretched to the world. We are having the time of our lives and we’re enjoying every minute of it. This is our time. This is our story.

·        Beach Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

·        There’s nothing I like better than balancing on a wave or feeling the sand in between my toes!

·        Gabe is a handsome non-posable doll who can rotate at the shoulders, hips, and neck to be moved into different positions. He wears a relaxed summer outfit featuring a tank top with a “Surfing Lifestyle” print, blue striped board shorts, and comfy bright-orange flipflops, and he comes with his very own orange surfboard! Gabe loves to explore the oceanside and hang out on the beach. Please note: Gabe loves the pretend beach, but real water and sun can damage him!

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·        1 18-inch doll

·        1 top

·        1 pair of shorts

·        1 pair of shoes

·        1 boogie board

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