Our Generation Doll with Riding Outfit Catarina

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·        Horses and hay make for a great day

·        Equestrians girls will love to jump gallop, and ride into the sunset with Our Generation Riding Doll  Catarina, a beautiful 18inch doll with warmbrown eyes and long straight golden brown hair.

·        Because this generation of girls is certainly an exceptional one. We’re in it for each other and the world. But we also find time for loads of fun. Whether we’re barrel racing at the rodeo or taking the mound for the big game we give it our all and enjoy every minute of it. This is our time. This is our story.


·        Equestrian Accessories for 18inch Dolls


·        From dressage to just dressing up


·        Catarina is a non posable doll whose neck shoulders and hips rotate so that she can be positioned in many different ways Even as a non posable 18inch doll, she can ride on 20inch Our Generation Horses, which is one of her favorite things to do

·        Catarina’s hair is silky soft and fun to brush and style. She wears a classic equestrian outfit featuring a blue short sleeved button up shirt with a white collar and a pretty bow as well as riding pants  and tall black riding boots. Her quilted vest ties the whole look together. Catarina is ready for the riding stable or the open fields. What adventures will you and Catarina go on today


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·        Includes

·        1 non posable 18inch doll

·        1 shirt with bow

·        1 pair of pants

·        1 vest

·        1 pair of undies

·        1 pair of boots

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