Lucky Yoyo: Camomile

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Lucky Yoyo is good at organizing elegant picnics in city parks. She finds the most picturesque lawn, strewn with delicate field flowers. Then she selects pillows and tablecloth, balloons and outfits in a matching color scheme, menu, serving and even a special decor. No plastic cutlery - only "real" dishes, except for the lovely colorful paper cups she can’t seem to refuse. Oh, by the way, did you know that the classic candelabrum looks superbly stylish in nature? And nickel rings for napkins are not only good at a dinner party in a luxurious hall. So, she too will take them as well. All this should be carefully and accurately packed in her favorite special picnic baskets, which are so convenient! For everything there should be separate baskets - for food, for dishes, for accessories. And, of course, for the very Yoyo!

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