Lucky Mimi: Rosette

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Lucky Mimi is already used to her fans in “real life” and now it’s time to start building her fan groups online. The question is where to start? Twitter is good for short messages, but what if she wants to say more to express her feelings? Facebook has plenty of space to express anything but she doesn’t like the fact that her friends often discuss politics and social problems.  Instagram, though, is something that fits 100%. It is time to open her account and start sharing positive stuff with others. Lucky Mimi has already learned how take nice photos of food and found a perfect angle for her selfies. She spent enough hours in front of her mirror to learn how to pose for her pictures and is making a list of places where she should take those pictures.  The live broadcasting scripts are ready. There surely will be a million of subscribers willing to know everything she has to say. Are you ready to “like” her? Be sure to let us know. 

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