Lucky Mimi: Fitness

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Starting with her, everything should be beautiful in Mimi’s life. That is why she does fitness, goes to SPAs for full regular treatments, listens to classical music, is interested in art and reads a lot. All these activities not only make her look gorgeous, but also help her find interesting friends. She picks them very carefully because it is important that they are all interested in the same things. Of course, it is not enough to have common themes for conversations or a similar style of clothes – it has to be a very special type of chemistry. But how to know for sure? It is quite easy. Mimi only has to get her paw closer to another dog’s paw. If they get attracted, it means there is a real friend in front of her. If the paws get repelled, then it is just a new acquaintance one can chat a bit with, bid farewell to and continue with the search for the real friend. It is like in real life, isn’t it?

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