Lucky Mimi: Love and Flamingo

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The little beauty Lucky Mimi has a new dream. She loves immersing herself in it, imagining everything in the smallest details. Lucky Mimi really, really wants to fall in love! Long walks in beautiful parks, gentle confessions, candlelit dinners, flowers, gifts, romantic weekends in Europe, slow dances ... And, how do they say it? "Butterflies in the stomach". Although, no. Lucky Mimi would like something more original. So, perhaps, it would be better for her not to have butterflies in her stomach, but “flamingos in her heart”! A whole pink flock, soaring in the warm rays of the setting sun! Butterflies, however, may also fly around, but only in her creatively thinking head. The famous old song "All You Need is Love" would do just right for the scene, right?

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