Lucky Yoyo: Fashiopnista

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Lucky Yoyo used to be very obedient and listened to her mother when she was told not to put any makeup on. However, when she got old enough, she used the first chance to take classes to become a make-up artist. She thinks it’ll be very useful in the future. It is already useful when it comes to correcting little face issues and hiding small skin problems. Not that Yoyo has problems with her face, but she does have a little red spot near her cute nose that she wants to take care of. She tried using tonal foundation, but the green concealer seems to work better. She also has eight different make-up brushes and knows how to hold them correctly. As you can see, there are many details in this make-up business. Yoyo is determined to learn all of them to look perfect and share this knowledge with her girlfriends. 

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