Messenger Bag Mini Friend Finn Frog

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Categories: Affenzahn Bags 

1Adjustable reflective strap

My adjustable shoulder strap means that I can be fitted to your body as tightly as you wish. And my reflectors ensure that everything can be seen in the dark too.

2Safety catch release

My catch releases automatically should the bag become too heavy so that even little ones can carry me safely. Kindergarten Kids can therefore enjoy using me too since there’s no risk of strangulation.

3Stick-out tongue

If you want to know who I belong to, just look at my tongue. There you will find a name label that you can write your name on.

4Little touches of brilliance

The more you look at me, the more you’ll discover. My little details are great fun – and some of them are even embroidered!


When empty, I’m so light that I’m sure to have you looking over your shoulder just to check that I’m still there. That’s great – I just love a chance to share a smile!

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