Affenzahn Small Friends Doro Dolphin

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Affenzahn Small Friends Backpack Benefits

Affenzahn kindergarten backpacks are best friends who come from all over the world and have their own special abilities and talents. They will share your craziest adventures and are terribly cheeky!

From ‘A’ for adjustable chest strap, to ‘Z’ for zip closure, loving attention has been poured into the details of Affenzahn design. Affenzahn kindergarten backpacks are both fun and functional.

Experience every adventure together! With a familiar Affenzahn face, carrying an Affenzahn kindergarten backpack is like carrying a comforting piece of home. A favourite Affenzahn animal is a constant companion.

Discover the world through play with Affenzahn kindergarten backpacks. Pull out the tongue, and have fun with the moveable hook and loop arms. Role play with a favourite animal encourages the play instinct. Opening and closing buckles can train fine motor skills.

Fair and eco-friendly; Affenzahn is a bluesign® system partner, which provides a means of protecting the resources of our planet. Affenzahn manufacture also uses materials made from recycled PET bottles.

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