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(25 cm)

Meet Cookie the Dog. As soon as it gets really freezing, Cookie the Dog goes out for a walk. He is out until he is really cold and then he goes to a bathhouse. Which one you ask? It doesn’t really matter. All bathhouses are good and important for health, you know. The Russian steam room with obligatory brooms, preferably oak, sauna or hammam. Cookie the Dog likes them all. He can even go to more than one at a time, changing one to another. The hotter the better. It feels so good to jump into a cold swimming pool with a lot of splashing, after a really hot steam room. Or, even better, to jump in a big snowdrift. To feel the air in your lungs so freezing that it takes your breath away. And to run back to the steam room for more heat. You gotta do it at least three times to feel it. And when you finish, it is time for some nice hot herbal tea. This is what Cookie the Dog calls a real winter fun.

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