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(20 cm)

Meet Fluffy the Hedgehog. She enjoys walking in the summer rain and doesn’t understand why someone might consider it a dull activity. Just listen to those lively and happy raindrops. They sometimes could be a bit noisy but most of the time they are quiet and mysterious. You can find a rainbow in almost every raindrop. All you have to do is to wait until the sun comes out and check it for yourself. Meanwhile, Fluffy the Hedgehog can walk around in her colorful raincoat and catch those raindrops with her hands and the tip of her nose.Fluffy’s mother gave her this raincoat after Fluffy gave her umbrella away to a butterfly that was afraid her tender wings would get wet. Fluffy the Hedgehog is hoping to get a pair of nice rain boots to be able to walk in puddles. She wants to enjoy all the “rainy” pleasures.

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