Li'l Woodzeez Bobblehead Toy Surprise - Series 4

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  • Brand: LI'L WOODZEEZ
  • Product Code: 64400GTZ

Collectible surprise toy from Li'l Woodzeez! Complete collection - 28 figurines of forest dwellers, of which: 23 common figurines, 1 figurine rare - polar bear, 1 figurine super rare - deer, 1 ultra rare figurine - dachshund, and 1 figurine with a golden acorn, which can be exchanged for the rarest mysterious figurine ...

You need to open the acorn to add a new figurine to the collection. Each figurine has a bobble head.

All acorns have bright colorful lids. Once opened, the acorn can be used to store a figurine or small parts.

Display: 24 pcs

Display size: 27.5x20.2x27 cm.

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