Li'l Woodzeez Garden Set

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Get growing with the Garden Set from Li’l Woodzeez®! This playset has lots of accessories for you to grow your very own garden in Honeysuckle Hollow®. Jake SnipadoodlesTM is ready to get his hooves green, so why not help him plant all the vegetables? There are cauliflower heads, lettuce heads, carrots, and beets, with miniature signs to separate them all in the soil. Also included are plenty of gardening tools, such as a rake, shovels, and hoe – your garden will look trim and tidy in no time! And the best part? A birdhouse, so your feathered friends can come visit while you work!

Li’l Woodzeez® playsets are brightly colored and incredibly detailed – perfect for inspiring hours of storytelling. All you need is a bit of imagination! Li’l Woodzeez® accessories are recommended for kids aged 3 and over. Family sets and houses sold separately.


1 vegetable garden

4 cauliflower heads

4 lettuce heads

4 carrots

4 beets

4 vegetable signs

1 basket

1 watering can

1 small rake

1 small shovel

1 large shovel

1 large hoe

1 bird house

1 pair of scissors

1 sheep character

1 outfit

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