Li'l Woodzeez Country Kitchen Set

  • KWD7.00

Rustle up some snacks with the Country Kitchen Set from Li’l Woodzeez®! This playset has all the kitchen essentials you need for your Honeysuckle Hollow® home. There is plenty of furniture, as well as an oven for cooking delicious meals. Help your animal characters make a new recipe from all the food ingredients! Mix everything together in the bowl, and put it into the oven dish to roast. While you’re waiting, you can set the table with cutlery, plates, and glasses. Also included are some stickers so you can decorate the fridge however you like!

Li’l Woodzeez® playsets are brightly colored and incredibly detailed – perfect for inspiring hours of storytelling. All you need is a bit of imagination! Li’l Woodzeez® accessories are recommended for kids aged 3 and over. Family sets and houses sold separately.


1 sink

1 oven

1 fridge

1 sheet of stickers

1 table

2 chairs

1 pot

1 pan

1 oven dish

2 glasses

2 mugs

1 ice cube tray

2 plates

1 milk bottle

1 mixing bowl

1 egg

1 tomato

1 pear

1 apple

2 fish

3 utensils

2 forks

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