Li'l Woodzeez Family Treehouse

  • KWD29.00

Head to the very tip-top of your new Li’l Woodzeez® Family Treehouse! Nestled in the heart of Honeysuckle Hollow®, this playhouse is the perfect hangout spot for your animal characters. There are lots of accessories to keep them entertained, including ladders to climb, branches to swing from, and slides to whizz down! You can also pop your Li’l Woodzeez® collectibles into the crank elevator and bring them up to the top floor. There, they can lounge in the sun chair under the parasol, or take turns swinging under the tree! With three levels, this treehouse is full of nooks and crannies for your furry friends to explore.

Li’l Woodzeez® playsets are brightly colored and incredibly detailed – perfect for inspiring hours of storytelling. All you need is a bit of imagination! Li’l Woodzeez® accessories are recommended for kids aged 3 and over. Miniature figurines and furniture sets sold separately.


1 parasol

1 sun chair

1 fence

1 set of stairs

1 short ladder

1 long ladder

1 vine ladder

2 little vines

1 roof

1 short slide

1 long slide

1 bridge

1 large basket with hook

1 tree with swing basket

2 posts with lattice

2 branches

1 second-level tree trunk

1 tree trunk base

1 ground-level base

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