Li'l Woodzeez Happy Camper Blue

  • KWD23.00

Buckle up, we’re going on a vacation! Join your Li’l Woodzeez® as they hit the road in their Happy Camper. This playset includes a beautiful blue car and camper, with lots of storage room and miniature accessories. The roof of the camper opens up so you can place your animal figurines in the kitchen or living room area! There are cooking accessories and toy food such as bread, apples, and peanut butter, so they can make a snack. Also included is plenty of furniture, with sofa chairs that fold up into beds. Your animal characters will have the best road trip ever!

Li’l Woodzeez® playsets are brightly colored and incredibly detailed – perfect for inspiring hours of storytelling. All you need is a bit of imagination! Li’l Woodzeez® accessories are recommended for kids aged 3 and over. Family sets sold separately.


1 camper

1 car

1 spare tire

1 suitcase

1 table

1 big sofa

2 small sofa beds

3 mats

4 cushions

1 dishrack

2 pots

1 lid

2 milk bottles

1 bowl

4 plates

3 food cans

1 honey jar

1 peanut butter jar

1 chocolate spread jar

2 jam jars

3 bread loaves

3 apples

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