Li'l Woodzeez Farmers Market

  • KWD15.00

Where can you find the freshest produce in all of Honeysuckle Hollow®? The Hoppin’ Farmers Market®, of course! This miniature playset has lots of toy food for your animal characters to stock up on, including vegetables, fruit, fish, cheese, jam, honey, eggs, bread, and more. There are also gardening items, such as a watering can and rake, so your furry friends can get their paws green! Gather up your animal figurines and hop to the Hoppin’ Farmers Market® today!

Li’l Woodzeez® playsets are brightly colored and incredibly detailed – perfect for inspiring hours of storytelling. All you need is a bit of imagination! Li’l Woodzeez® accessories are recommended for kids aged 3 and over. Family sets sold separately.


1 market

3 ice crates

3 ice cubes

3 small buckets

2 shrimp bunches

2 clam bunches

9 fish

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