Lil Woodzeez Whooswhoos Owl Family with Storybook

  • KWD7.00

Meet the WhooswhooTM Owl Family from Honeysuckle Hollow®! This family set includes four animal characters to add to your Li’l Woodzeez® collection: Mom Delores, Dad Owen, and kids Pete and Peep. The WhooswhooTM Owl Family runs the Nighty-Night-Sleep-Tight Lookout service, watching over the Li’l Woodzeez® at night to keep them safe! You can read all about their adventures in the included storybook, “Nighty-Night-Sleep-Tight Lookout”.
These fuzzy mini figurines have soft fur and they fit in the smallest hands. Their outfits are compatible with the other animal characters from Honeysuckle Hollow®, so you can mix and match for a fun try-on session! You can also move their heads, arms, and legs – perfect for hours of playtime. All they need is a bit of imagination to come alive!
Li’l Woodzeez® collectibles are recommended for kids aged 3 and over. Playsets and other accessories sold separately.


1 mother

1 father

1 older child

1 baby

1 storybook

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